Experience the tools to better appreciate a fine wine

Foundation Course

Our Foundation Course is an approachable introduction to the nuances and different styles of wine.

Over the course of 5 evenings, you will examine and explore what defines the taste profile and unique characteristics to appreciate a fine wine better, learning about the origin, geography and climate, viticultural practices and the art of winemaking.


Vintage Conservatory Yorkville
87 Avenue Road, 2nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario

$1,495.00 + HST

Wednesday, October 19th – 5 weeks in a row
18:30 to 21:00

You will receive the full digital ePUB of the course on a USB stick on the first night of the program. Instructions on how to install the course on various e-readers both Apple and Windows-based will also be on the thumb drive.

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Section One: Tasting

In this session, the groundwork is laid for the rest of the program. The introduction to tasting focuses on the appearance of the wine, olfactory qualities, and description of the palate. You will learn the ability to make an informed evaluation of these three main areas and will be equipped, with the skills to competently taste each and every wine from here forward.

Section Two: Viticulture

From the early stages of the vine’s lifecycle to vine pruning, training and cultivation. This session outlines the growth cycle of the vine and the associated viticultural practices.

Section Three: Vinification

Here, we move from the vineyard into the winery. After an overview of common winemaking practices and terminology, we uncover different white wine styles ranging from sparkling to barrel aged.

Section Four: Vintages

Here, we examine the effects of climate on wine and individual vintage variation.

Section Five: Keeping Wine

Wondering how to properly store your wine? We have you covered. Learn the ideal storage conditions for different bottle shapes and sizes.