The pleasurable art of tasting

Deepen your wisdom of fine wine through our guided tastings.

The first stage is an awareness of first principles, the second a detailed appreciation of what lies behind the colour, smell and taste of any wine; the third is plenty of practice.

Michael Broadbent

The Academie du Vin offers a foundation course focused on exploring the key elements of wine. In this program, we provide the training to expand one’s vocabulary used to confidently describe the appearance, the nose (olfactory), and the palate of a wine. This in-depth examination will reveal various aromatic elements of an individual wine and the characteristics which make it unique.

Through our guided tastings, experience the tools to better appreciate a fine wine; learning about the origin, geography, local customs and history as you embark on an incredible journey for your senses.

Upcoming Courses

**Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currrently not offering our our foundation course. You can however browse the course details by clicking the “Learn More” link.